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Kong Solar Co., Ltd. is a chinese company founded by a group of professionals from the renewable energy field, with extensive experience in domestic and international markets.
Kong Solar supply a complete line of modified sine wave power inverters and pure sine power inverters. In addition, we have a full line of power inverters with built in chargers and transfer switches.
Kong Solar offer battery charger which meet various demands.
Kong Solar also offer PWM/MPPT Solar Charge Controller from 10A to 60A.
Kong Solar products are complex and highly technology developed but with a very simple philosophy: to aim at the highest technical quality. Not only production therefore, but everything that from design to staff training and after-sales support. All this is completed by quality controls on the units which include 100% functional tests on the cards and the finished products as well as a 100% run-in assessment on the tested product. Kong Solar carries the concept of quality to an extreme because only in this way can it guarantee users the peace of mind they expect.
With strict Q.C. and strong development ability, Kong Solar have achieved CE, RoHS certification.

solar and wind system

Solar&Wind System

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